Display image of Phil Tuckett

Phil Tuckett

Professor of Practice, DSU Films Director & DOCUTAH Director

Email: tuckett@dixie.edu
Phone: 435-652-7574
Office: JEN

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Ben Braten

Digital Film Producer and Instructor

Email: braten@dixie.edu
Phone: 1-801-891-2304
Office: JEN 146

Display image of Tisa Zito

Tisa Zito

Digital Film Producer and Instructor

Email: Tisa.Zito@dixie.edu
Phone: 1-435-879-4274
Office: JEN 144

Display image of Patrick Smith

Patrick Smith

Program Director & Assistant Professor

Email: Patrick.Smith@dixie.edu
Phone: 1-435-879-4267
Office: JEN

Part-Time Instrctor

Display image of Brian Strasmann

Brian Strasmann


Email: strasmann@dixie.edu

Doug Wellman

Business of Film

Email: douglas.wellman@dixie.edu

Display image of Kreigh Carter

Kreigh Carter

Audio Instructor

Email: kreighc@dixie.edu